Monday, January 24, 2011

Woman's self defense demo!

Pictures are up!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Welcome to 2011!

Sorry for the long delay. I have been travelling the world doing business (and learning Systema along the way lol) that I did not get a chance to update this blog.

Firstly, all classes have now been moved to MuayFit, check them out here
Every Wednesday from 8pm to 10pm. Once you join MuayFit you can take part in all their other martial arts classes for a low monthly fee.

Paul Teo, the owner of MuayFit has been doing a fantastic job of marketing his martial arts gym and we have over 20 people per week per Systema class. Kudos to Paul.

It was sad that we had to close down the other place but people being people are just not committed to training. They train a little and then they think they know everything, how sad. And of course they have other priorities which is fine but they also forget that the instructor who comes every week to teach and prepare the class is committed to teach - they are not committed to learn. So there we go.

Few other bits of news, today 22/1/2011 at the Curve, MPH bookstore we have a demonstration with a Woman's project for self defense. My classmate of many years ago Jane Cheah is giving a talk on defensive driving which will be interesting because she is a drift queen!

Good to see that Systema in Singapore is picking up. We will organize a joint seminar  soon :)

Last year's Systema seminar which was supposed to be in December got cancelled as I guess we didnt have enough people and the instructor did not want to come. Can't blame him really. I guess Systema is still too new in Asia for people to appreciate but Hong Kong Systema group lead by Janik seems to be doing well. Good sign.

Systema overall is gaining momentum in US and Europe. Asia slow and I hope steady.

well that's it for now!

keep moving and keep breathing!

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