Sunday, February 22, 2009

Systema Malaysia!

Hello everyone!

This is a website dedicated to the Russian Martial Art - Systema.

We have a small group that has started to train here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Everyone is still learning so please feel free to join us for training!

Pictures will be posted soon!


Noel said...

GOD I'M SO GLAD THAT U HAVE THIS SITE.Systema is awesome. I heard Systema users hit harder than MMA fighters. Where are the lessons being held? How much are the fees?

Admin said...

Email me for details info @ motavi . com

Admin said...

lessons are in KL. Open concept, we are looking for more people to train with!! contact us to join !

Noel said...

KL? Whtat is the adress and fees? And also plz tell what are the age limits.

Jet said...

I'm interested too! Can you leave the details of the class on your blog page please?

Admin said...

Classes are every wednesday at 930pm, email me for more information info @ motavi . com :)