Sunday, September 20, 2009

Systema Asia!

In a effort to start Systema in Asia, we would like all Asian countries to post their interest here.

We have weekly classes in a brand spanking new facility in Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Get in touch with us for more information!


Jimbo said...

Greetings from Systema Singapore! I am James, a new instructor-under-evaluation, and founder and owner of Valhalla Training Systems ( Training Systems main page.htm)

Do stay in touch - hopefully we can put our heads together for a project in the future.

Chih Sheng said...

I'm interested.

Can you provide me with the training schedule and fees please?


Admin said...

Hi Chin Sheng, we train every wednesdays at 9:30pm at Plaza Damas, in Sri Hartamas. cost is RM$50 per month, cheap!

how can we contact you and can you come for this week's class?

Admin said...

Hi Jimbo,

Would be great if you guys can come from Singapore for the seminar!

keep in touch.

Jacob D. Biamonte said...

Is there still Systema going on in Singapore --- I can't find details, and Jimbo's page is down so I am not sure what the current state is. If so I am interested. If someone could post some contact details, or a location schedule that would be great!

Jacob D. Biamonte said...


Jimbo's page is down and I am not able to find any other information online. Does anyone know if there is still Systema going on here in Singapore? Please let me know.


Admin said...

You can try James

In Malaysia we are rockin classes every week :)

Jimbo said...

Jacob - check your youtube account! Left you a message :-P

Jimbo said...

Jacob! Check your youtube account - left you a message :-P