Sunday, October 11, 2009

Andrey Karimov

Our December seminar will feature Andrey Karimov, read more about him below

Andrey Karimov,Russia was born 18.11.1971
In Region Middle Ural ,city Ekaterinburg.

1987 - 1990. he was practicing "SAMBO" at school of Olympic reserves,
<>(the elite school in USSR dedicated only for training Olympic
contestants ), in the city Ekaterinburg.
His trainers were: Fyodorov Alexsandar Sergeyevich -first champion of "SAMBO"
in the world and
Kozlov Alexandar Alexandrovich - the meritorious trainer of USSR (the greatest
title and award that some trainer could get in USSR ).

1990 - 1992. in city Sankt-Petersburg,he was practicing school of Russian
kulachnov fighting ( the special kind of Russian traditional fist fighting) of
Andrey Vadimovich Gruntovski.

1993 - 2002. was attending seminars of famous Russian instructor of
"Systema" (ex KGB lieutenant,in some way could be said its inventor)
called <>

2003 - 2005. was attending international seminars of "Systema" of M.V.Ryabko

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