Thursday, January 7, 2010

Class Fees

Due to some feedback we have decided to revise the class fees as follows:

Classes every wednesday from 930pm to 11pm (90 minutes).

RM$50 per month

That's it!

Kids under 15 years of age is free and for people who have never come before, their first class is always free. 

So for those that have paid a little extra, the money will be refunded back to you at the next class. 


saladinempire said...

how can i join the class training & taining location?

saladinempire said...

how can i join the class & class location

Admin said...

Plaza Damas, Block A, level 2. Same location as Extreme Kickboxing.

Just show up! :)

nick said...

Hi Mathew @ Sifu, any intention for a public notice board for us students to post some comments?

Admin said...

I'll try to create one on the board for everyone to post :)

Nicholas said...

Hi everyone I've been attending Mathew's systema classes here in KL for the past 2 months + and I must say all that I have come to expect of a total martial art is being taught here.